Smoothies and Weight Loss…part 2.

IMG_5614So I have one more week down with the whole smoothies experiment. Overall, I really like this change in my life. I’m enjoying the taste of almost all of my smoothie recipes from my book….except for the one I made for lunch today. Not good. (Let’s just say there is no place for Tabasco sauce in a smoothie). Blech!

My weight loss for my 2nd week?:  2 lbs

Overall in two weeks: 6 lbs

Which compared to the “up to 16 lbs” claim on the book cover isn’t as impressive. BUT, I’m happy for what I’ve done. My clothes aren’t as tight, and I find myself really looking forward to drinking a smoothie instead of eating breakfast or finding something for lunch. I’m actually ENJOYING them.

I’m planning (and keep putting off) adding some exercise to my new lifestyle, one that I did a few years ago. For those of us who are not fans of exercise (like me), and who don’t care for running full sprint on a treadmill, I’m going to start next week on a Couch to 5K again. It is a great way to get someone who does nothing off their butt and work them into exercise. It alternates walking and light running until you can tolerate more running. In the end, you are supposed to be able to run a 5k (although, I never made it that far last time I tried this).  I’m posting this because it might make me more likely to follow through. The app on my phone has a plan that plots out for 3 days a week, which gives me an excuse to start on Monday. 🙂


Stepping into Smoothies and Weight Loss.

So a few weeks ago, there was a display of things at my son’s preschool. Books, toys, knick-knacks. Lots of things that you could buy. In amongst the stuff, was a book called ZERO BELLY SMOOTHIES. According to the book (at least what it says on the cover) you can lose up to 16 lbs in 14 days by drinking smoothies.

IMG_5614Not that I’m considered obese. For my age, I’m actually doing pretty well. However, since my wedding day, I’m about 40 lbs heavier. Not that I want to be as thin as I was on my wedding day, but every year I find the scale going up. My pants size keeps increasing. And I’m starting not to be a fan of my growing belly size.

I had looked at low carb diets and keto supplements, but honestly, limiting myself to low carb foods does not thrill me. I’m not a big fan of meat and dairy (at least not meat and dairy all the time), and I love fruits (which are considered sugar for low carb diets), so this smoothie idea felt better for me.

So for 1 week, I have replaced my breakfast and lunch with smoothies. Considering I’d been eating like garbage (breakfast cereals, etc) in the morning, it was no loss there. Lunch is a little more challenging, but I am actually getting better nutrition in me than before. For dinner, I cook what I want… carbs or low-carb.

It does take some getting used to. For starters, not all plant protein supplements are created equal. I got this one first.


The one thing I can say about this one is that the company name is very accurate. Yes, it is like drinking grass. Not good. The book had recommended several brands, this wasn’t one of them. So then I got some of the other ones they DID recommend


I got the SunWarrior chocolate protein at my local HyVee. Some of the recipes in the book call for chocolate protein powder. I will say, this one is pretty tasty (in comparison). BUT… after a couple of hours, I do feel more hungry than I do with the other brand I’ve been using. If you are looking to supplement your foods rather than replace, this would be a good choice.


Vega One is pricier. But the taste is tolerable and it actually does keep me satisfied for quite a while. And I feel fabulous. Did I mention that it also contains probiotics and Omega 3s and fiber? All kinds of stuff that I was depriving my body of before I started this process. After a few days, I wasn’t sure that I would actually lose weight. But even if I didn’t, I felt good. When my SunWarrior runs out, I will most likely replace it with the chocolate version of Vega.

So here are the few hurdles I’ve had to work on starting this smoothy lifestyle. The startup can be a little pricey. The proteins are not cheap. And I’ve bought other things that I need for my recipes, different nut butters, for example, or flaxseed oil and powder. Also almond milk and other odds and ends that the recipes have called for.

Another thing is getting used to the tastes of plant protein powders. They aren’t the best. It does have a very distinct taste. And nearly everything turns green. Your mango smoothie? Green. Banana smoothie? Green. Spinach smoothie? REALLY green.The pictures in the book are before adding the protein powder because many are just not pretty to look at. I tried to offer it to my teens, and pretty much got an instant reject. After a week, they are tasting better to me.

Here was my breakfast and lunch yesterday:



And for lunch today, I had this: (I forgot to take a photo.. this one looked like a glass full of chocolate)

FullSizeRender 2

So my results after 1 week of smoothies? I’ve lost 4 lbs.

4 lbs isn’t a huge loss… but here is the thing: I haven’t been exercising. I’ve been still doing some snacking occasionally at night. Still eating the occasional dessert. I’ve been eating what I want at dinner. And I feel really, really good. I mean, I’ve only had 1 cup of coffee all week, and that was for comfort, not for need. My son is sleeping now, and I have no desire to nap. I don’t need it. My mind is alert and my brain fog has decreased. I feel inspired enough to keep going. The next week will be the interesting one because normally, my weight can fluctuate a bit.

Let me know if you do smoothies as well? What are your favorite recipes? And if you want to start, let me know! We can swap ideas and motivate each other.