Metal Stamping Fail


Fidget Spinner added to photo by my son, Lukas, because he thought it should be included.

A week or so ago I was thinking about ways one can fundraise (that is another blog post in itself), and a fellow adoptive parent talked about how she had made hand-stamped jewelry to raise money for their adoption. She had sold a couple hundred for $15 or more a piece. Cool! I thought. She even showed me some lovely pictures of her projects, and of course, being crafty, I thought, “I can do that!”

And so I tried to set up an Etsy shop in anticipation of the projects I would make and sell. With my overactive imagination, I could see the money rolling in. Except to set up the shop, you actually have to have things ready to sell. Go figure, eh? So I had to stop my set up and actually make some stuff.

So with a Hobby Lobby gift card in hand (Thanks, MOM), I bought an alphabet, lower case, and a few things that I would need to get started. Then I went online and got some metal rounds to create all of my profitable pieces. I went home, with the few metal pieces that I had already purchased at Hobby Lobby, and got to work… sort of.

In my first go, I tried to make a mother’s necklace with my kids names on it. Well… The Kira was uneven, Lauren looked quite nice, and then Adam ended up Abam. At that point, I had given up on that one and just started using it for practice.

Then I realized that I really did need the uppercase letters, so another trip back to Hobby Lobby, and I now have a full alphabet, which of course, would make my pieces much better. I also picked up some square blanks to practice on as well.


So with the square packet of blanks, I thought I’d give it another go. I figured it would be easier than the round. I chose the famous Harry Potter quote: I solemnly swear I am up to no good. Except the first one, I got all the way up to the “to” before I grabbed a Q instead of an O. I finished it, pretty grumpy at my mistake, and tried it again.


Three more tries and I got something… sort of. If you don’t count the uneven spacing and crooked letters. Honestly, this is much harder than it looks. And the phrase from Harry Potter started perfectly describing my skills at metal stamping, especially the part that said “no good”.


Again, fidget spinner added by my son.

And my crafty side, that feels like I can just fix it a little, doesn’t get to fix a little in metal stamping.

I got my new circle blanks in the mail (and I”m feeling pretty grumpy about the process so far). I decided to just type HOPE in the middle of the blank.Besides, I could use some hope at that moment.

HOPE can’t be that bad to stamp, right?


Except when you start off uncentered. With a few frustrated embellishments to add for dramatic effect, I made something that a 5-year-old would be quite proud of.

And my Etsy shop? Still empty right now. Maybe after spending a small fortune, and a lot of ruined blanks, I will be able to sell something to make back the money I’ve invested in my new frustration.

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