Smoothies and Weight Loss…part 2.

IMG_5614So I have one more week down with the whole smoothies experiment. Overall, I really like this change in my life. I’m enjoying the taste of almost all of my smoothie recipes from my book….except for the one I made for lunch today. Not good. (Let’s just say there is no place for Tabasco sauce in a smoothie). Blech!

My weight loss for my 2nd week?:  2 lbs

Overall in two weeks: 6 lbs

Which compared to the “up to 16 lbs” claim on the book cover isn’t as impressive. BUT, I’m happy for what I’ve done. My clothes aren’t as tight, and I find myself really looking forward to drinking a smoothie instead of eating breakfast or finding something for lunch. I’m actually ENJOYING them.

I’m planning (and keep putting off) adding some exercise to my new lifestyle, one that I did a few years ago. For those of us who are not fans of exercise (like me), and who don’t care for running full sprint on a treadmill, I’m going to start next week on a Couch to 5K again. It is a great way to get someone who does nothing off their butt and work them into exercise. It alternates walking and light running until you can tolerate more running. In the end, you are supposed to be able to run a 5k (although, I never made it that far last time I tried this).  I’m posting this because it might make me more likely to follow through. The app on my phone has a plan that plots out for 3 days a week, which gives me an excuse to start on Monday. 🙂