A Blog Reborn

I’m not sure why I’m resurrecting this blog again. When I pulled it up, I noticed it had been almost two years since I started, and wrote, on its cyber pages. I’m not convinced that blogs are even all that popular anymore. I’m not even sure it is a platform for an audience. Yet I find myself here nonetheless. And, in the past, I really didn’t even like blogging. But my mind is full (as it was a few, short years ago, considering the title of my blog) as it is now. So now I find myself at the library where I am supposed to be working on my 3rd fantasy novel, and instead, writing my internal thoughts.

Part of the reason I am revisiting this again might be inspired by the blog of my pastors’ wife. Her blog, Holding the Plum Line, has some really inspiring insights from a young, Christian, mom. You can check it out and support her if you’d like.

Over the next several days, I may do some writing on the thoughts cluttered in my mind, mostly concerning birth, adoption, foster care, fundraising, disorganization, the church, faith, and crafting. Quite a variety, eh?

Well, it only dips into the mind of a busy, right-brained mother of a college student, two highschoolers, and a preschooler. My mind is almost as cluttered as my home.

So if you’d like to hear my thoughts, feel free to follow and subscribe. Now… I should probably get back to work on my book.