Why am I Blogging?

For several years I was a part of a group writing blog. When we first started up the blog, it was just an extension of our critique group. We had fun and we started doing mystery agent contests and gaining followers. We were interacting with agents and feeling very professional. It was an exciting time to be a blogger.

We each had an assigned day of the week. And frankly, sometimes it felt like pulling out my eyeballs to come up with helpful material on writing. And as the years went on, our members stopped posting, and a few of us, the stubborn ones, kept the group afloat.

We added members. It helped because we only had to post once every other week. Fourteen members was a lot easier than 7. But even then, after time, people stopped posting. At times if felt like a huge tandem bicycle with only 1 or 2 people pulling the rest a long.

And the drama… oh my the drama. Me and another member butted heads on how things should be done. In the end, my life became too crazy. We recently adopted a little boy from Bulgaria, so real life took priority over a blog I hated.

And with much rejoicing, I quit.

So now, here I am again, starting a new blog. Part of the reason, I think, is because my mind seems to be full of so many things. I am a mom of many hats and my mind is always turning, always creating.

This won’t be a writing blog, although I WILL have lots of writing things on here. It will be a blog of randomness. A blog of my own whims. It will be a blog where I talk about adoption and autism and face painting, and probably some controversial beliefs that I have. And also, it will include my new venture from going from traditionally published to self-published. Oh boy. There is a lot more to it than I’d originally thought… but that can be a topic for another post.

Will people actually visit this and read this blog? I really have no clue. But for now, in the wee hours that I have time to myself with a very active–and frequently naughty toddler–I will post things from time to time.

No set schedules.

No set themes.

And I won’t care if anyone else follows, for now it will be for me.






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